Best Ecommerce WordPress Plugin

Best Ecommerce WordPress Plugins

WordPress is an online content management system that is used to host and build websites. It caters to the needs of businesses, portfolios, blogs, social networks, forums, and online stores. It uses themes, widgets, and plugins to expand its functionality. Plugin, used to extend functionality, is a piece of software installed on the WordPress website. One must install and configure the plugin with WordPress for it to start working. 

How To Choose WordPress Plugins Suitable For Ecommerce?

WordPress plugins help develop a fully functioning eCommerce website. Here are some of the best eCommerce WordPress plugins for use:

Best Ecommerce WordPress Plugin


By popular understanding, WooCommerce is regarded as the best eCommerce WordPress plugin. It has been designed for small and large-scaled online sellers. It enables selling both physical and digital goods, for example, downloadable books. Under WooCommerce, hundreds of themes and extensions are available providing merchants the opportunity to build their dream website.

An easy and customized design and layout make user interaction simpler as well as interesting. Another reason that makes it the best eCommerce WordPress plugin is the thorough inventory management.

One can also send affiliate or external products. Another remarkable feature adding it to the category of best eCommerce WordPress plugin is the built-in payment system. It supports all the leading payment gateways and allows adding others using simple extensions. It also facilitates the calculation of shipping charges along with taxes. The support documentation, knowledge base, and community form are extensive and enriched with relevant information and also refer to the Kibo code quantum reviews to understand the importance of branding in eCommerce.


Another to top the list of best eCommerce WordPress plugins is Shopify. It is a cloud-hosted eCommerce setup that enables merchants to sell goods online. One of the biggest advantages of using this is Shopify handles it all, end-to-end integration. It will handle everything ranging from shipping to payment gateways, from setting up SSL to tax computation. Like Woo Commerce, it supports both physical as well as digital goods.

Using providers like USPS helps streamline the shipping process with direct integration. Credit card payments can be done both online and in-person using Shopify as your one-stop solution.

The inventory editor and bulk importer help manage inventories effectively. Another reason why Shopify is the best eCommerce WordPress plugin is the ability to integrate with Facebook and Pinterest. Lastly, the order tracker makes the entire process easier and hassle-free.

WP eCommerce

Enlisting another on best eCommerce WordPress plugins is WP eCommerce itself. It is a commonly used plugin to manage online stores. One of the pros of using this is its single order page, which means that all info like cart items, billing details, and delivery address are all mentioned on a singular page.

This makes the interface user-friendly. The design of this is extremely customizable as it allows the usage of PHP tags that are specific to WordPress. Numerous payment modules like, Google Checkout, PayPal, Payment Express are available. What makes WP eCommerce one of the best eCommerce WordPress plugins is the fact that additional modules like analytics, shopping cart sitemap, and affiliate marketing are available. It supports social networks as well allowing consumers to share the products.

WP EasyCart

Listing another best e-commerce WordPress plugin is WP EasyCart. It allows you to install a shopping cart in any online store. It has been supported by software like Mac, iPad, Android, and PC. It is an extensive plugin supporting above 30 payment gateways, multiple languages, and currencies.

It allows managing orders, interacting with customers, printing sale receipts, and adding delivery instructions. It supports multiple payment gateways across the world. Another advantage of making WP EasyCart one of the best eCommerce WordPress plugins is its marketing tool. Each product, menu, and category has been optimized. It lists an extensive table of shipping rates on the basis of quantity, price, weight, percentage as per countries and states.

These eCommerce WordPress plugins help reduce cart abandonment thereby increasing sales. Catering to your needs, choose the correct plugin and escalate store growth.

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