How To Make Money Blogging? – Explained The Best Ideas

How To Make Money Blogging

Blogging is a sphere of work you can take up for recreation and expressing your opinion. However, apart from this, blogging has risen as a sector of employment and money-making. As the internet and social media become major channels of interaction for people, content like blogs are an instrumental part of the content consumption cycle.

4 Useful Ways To Make Money Via Blogging

There are many blogs today that dish out content for the readers. From companies to writers, there are different portals for blogging content today. Blogs have also come up as a means of advertisement and digital marketing. 

Useful Ways To Make Money Via Blogging

In such a scenario, making money with blogging is very easy. In this blog, the ways to make money off blogging are discussed. 

  • Use Advertising Programs

The use of advertising programs is a leading way of minting that coin from your blogs. You can put up new ads on your blog page with advertising programs. This way, you will get money every time visitors see the ads and take action on them. There are many advertising programs to start with. For example, Google’s AdSense, BlogAds, and Text link Ads are great for putting ads in the blog and making money out of them. 

Advertising is a digital initiative that every brand does for its reach and visibility. Therefore, whenever you publish a blog that revolves around a certain subject or the use of products, you can put up relevant advertisements. For example, you can put food delivery ads or cookware ads with blogs on recipes and food. This will direct the customer’s thought process in the right direction. 

  • Join An Affiliate Program

Affiliate marketing helps you collaborate with brands to boost their sales and revenue. This way, you get a commission every time the brand’s product sells through your blog. Every time a visitor to your blog page looks at a product ad or clicks on the visit link and buys a product from the site, you get a share of the profit the company makes. 

This benefits both the brand and the blogger. There are many models for affiliate programs. There are different structures to choose from according to your convenience, from pay per click models to pay per lead or pay per sale models. The blogger can use either the Amazon Affiliate program, Clickbank, or Linkshare affiliate programs for the best payment models. 

  • Get Company Sponsorship

Apart from personal blogs, companies also invest in blogs for advertising and marketing purposes. Many companies do not have a dedicated blogging department but use personal blogs to spread the word. For example, a production company may want bloggers to write review blogs on the product to create a positive hype. Companies usually approach established bloggers for sponsored blogs. 

Sponsored blogs mainly focus on a single product or service. Such blogs explicitly have the product’s name or the brand logo for the visitor to have a greater impression of the company. Bloggers get an exceptional amount of money from sponsored blogs. However, for sponsored assignments, a blogger needs to be an established blogger with a base of regular visitors on his blog page. 

  • Get Hired By Companies, Full-Time Or Part-Time

Companies and brands realize the importance of blogs as a marketing and advertising tool. Many digital marketing companies and product companies hire freelance bloggers or full-time bloggers to create blogs for their products. Such bloggers get hired when there is a steady traffic of incoming blogging assignments. Many product companies want to maintain their own blogging page, for which they hire professional bloggers who are well versed with SEO techniques. 


These are a few ways in which blogging can turn into a high-paying profession. The pen has the power to change the world and also has the power to attract money to your pocket. 

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