How To Target E-commerce Store Owners On Facebook?

Target E-commerce Store Owners On Facebook

Just like any post from our long-time friend, targeted ads on Facebook seem relevant and applicable to us. It feels as organic scrolling through them as is the case with any other Facebook post we would wish to hit a like upon.

The Different Types Of E-commerce

Ecommerce is a business model based on buying and selling goods and services over the internet, involving the transfer of money and data. The different types of eCommerce available are:

How To Target E-commerce Store Owners On Facebook?
  1. Business to business
  2. Business to consumer
  3. Direct to consumer
  4. Consumer to consumer
  5. Consumer to business

The Need Of Targeting E-commerce Store Owners On Facebook

  • Facebook has a large number of user base, hence the target audience available on Facebook is higher as compared to other social media platforms
  • The cost of Facebook advertising is affordable. As compared to traditional advertising ways, marketing your campaign on Facebook is cheaper.
  • Facebook allows you to find new leads. It has the feature of finding “lookalike audience” wherein the platform reaches out to a custom audience which is similar to the current audience. Facebook reaches out to all these people.
  • Facebook has exceptional targeting abilities. Using demographic, age, location, language, interest, behavior, targeting on Facebook is funneled in the most appropriate way. 

The Best Ways To Target E-commerce Store Owners On Facebook

  • Facebook pixel: The first way is to install and use Facebook pixel. It is a code piece that allows to measure, optimize and build audiences. In order to run Facebook ads, one must integrate their website with pixel. It is easy to use and hassle-free. In order to generate awareness of your organization, this can be used effectively. One can use ads to target website visitors, measure conversions across multiple devices and optimize the audience to reach lookalike audiences.
  • Lookalike audience: Another way to target ecommerce store owners on Facebook is by creating a custom and lookalike audience. Lookalike audience is to create a target audience that will help reach new people who have behavior and interest similar to the existing audience. Once we have a lookalike audience set ready, these can be funneled down using characteristics like demographics, locations, job role, industry etc. In case the organization has an email list of customers and leads, they can use that and with the Facebook algorithm create a custom audience.
  • Email list: Email list is another way to target ecommerce store owners on Facebook. They allow you to reach out to the subscribers using an email list. On the basis of factors like stage of buying process and job title, one can break down the subscriber list into groups to personalize the email campaigns sent to the store owners. One can provide the platform with an email list which is either stored in a CRM or with an email service provider. Facebook will then match the data with the information provided.
  • Business page admins: Another way on how to target ecommerce store owners on Facebook is using business page admins. One can use industries and job titles to filter the business page admins that need to be targeting. Within your Facebooks ads business manager, one can add the admin in the “detailed targeting” section. 
  • Facebook payments: Another addition to the list of how to target ecommerce store owners on Facebook is usage of Facebook payments. It helps people funnel the big spenders. This filtering helps target specific audiences as business owners on Facebook, decision makers and B2Bs.
  • By mobile brand, web browser or OS: In the content of mobile brand, one can target ecommerce store owners via ad placement. Choose the option “Specific device and OS” which helps select the type of device you want to target. Ecommerce store owners can also be targeted on the basis of web browser and operating system used. All these criteria help narrow down the target audience. 


In ways as mentioned above and numerous more, Facebook can be used to target e-commerce store owners. Targeting would help increase revenue and hence sales. It would help reach out to a wider audience and be a cost-effective marketing and brand awareness strategy.

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