How To Use Twitter Super Follows To Earn Money?

How To Use Twitter Super Follows To Earn Money

Social media has come up as a major channel of marketing for digital marketers and companies. Among the popular social media portals for marketing, Twitter has come up as a very important one. People treat Twitter as a newspaper and a conversation portal where opinions and information float. 

Features & It’s Working For Affiliate Marketers

Like all other social media portals, Twitter also has influencers and marketers. People who have a large base of Twitter followers are opinion leaders. These opinion leaders have the power to shape opinion, influence people, and help businesses gain a higher number of sales.

Features & It's Working For Affiliate Marketers

People listen to Twitter personalities and follow their recommendations in real life too. 

Evolution Of Twitter 

While the most notable Twitter presence is from celebrities, other common people have also become influencers on the platform. Twitter holds a strong base of 145 million active users and is a goldmine of marketing for companies. 

Twitter keeps evolving over the years and introducing new features on the platform. From changing its logo to introducing stories like fleets, there are many features that have taken over the platform in recent times. The Super Follow feature was one that was introduced in 2021. Apart from increasing your followers’ base, the feature acts as a marketing aid. 

However, before delving into what exactly Super Follow is and how it helps marketers earn, let us get a low down on Twitter marketing. 

Audit The Account 

Before using the Super Follow feature, you should take an audit of your account. You need to know how often tweets go out of your account and how this volume can be optimized. You also have to look at your tweet engagement rate and find ways to increase it. You also have to look at your followers’ base and calculate how fast you are acquiring followers or if you have to increase the pace of it. You should also see how well the recent tweets are compliant with your brand image and twitter’s rules. 

What Is The Super Follow Feature? 

Super Follow is a subscription-like feature introduced on Twitter in 2021 that will allow marketers to create exclusive content for their select followers. While follow feature was always there, it did not create a clause of exclusivity on Twitter content. By adding the Super Follow feature, the platform allows Twitter creators to categorize their audience and create an exclusive platform. 

The exclusivity for super followers only creates a marketing opportunity by allowing Twitter users to earn through the new model. Anyone from influencers to general users can turn on the super follow feature by signing up for it. This allows common users to build their follower base and monetize content too. 

How Does It Work For Affiliate Marketers & Influencers? 

By introducing Super Follow, the microblogging platform has allowed affiliate marketing and promotions to work in a very streamlined manner. The more Super followers a user has, the more money he or she earns every month. The Super follow model has subscription plans of $2.99, $3.99, and $9.99 through which people can monetize content. Apart from increasing engagement, the new model of exclusivity will also enhance the quality of content on the platform. Twitter creators have to create more engaging content to create super followers and retain them. 

By choosing the super follow feature, the followers will get exclusive access to tweets, previews, and subscriber-only threads. Twitter influencers who are known for their exciting and relatable content benefit from the Super Follow feature the most. Celebrities and influencers with a strong follower’s base will further benefit by turning on the monetization button with Super Follow.


Thus, by retaining exclusivity and monetization, affiliate marketers and influencers double their source of income. They are able to earn through product links and PPC models and also through the subscriber-only model. 

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