Kibo Eclipse Modules – An Online E-commerce Program


The Kibo Eclipse training program by Aidan Boothe and Steve Clayton includes 8 modules that are designed to help beginners in the online business field understand how the process works and how to benefit from the sessions. So, check them out before accessing the program.

Fundamental Modules In Kibo Eclipse

1. Kibo Incubator

This is the principal training that reveals every single process inside the Kibo Eclipse system. It consists of an 8-week training program that will guide you to creating a successful e-commerce website. Now, let us go through the contents included in the program:

  • The program will provide a guide that includes A to Z details on how to begin the groundwork to make money online and establish a successful business.
  • The session will help you in making 4,5 and even 6-figure income every month.
  • It is an extensive training session that includes 100 easy-to-follow videos, process maps, strategy manuals, and much more.
  • Then you will grasp an idea about how to work out the process and carry out sales to earn income in less than 48 hours.
  • The training also shows you how to price your goods and services, the ways to avoid inventory set up and the measures to be taken to scale your online business.

2. Kibo Jumpstart

Kibo Jumpstart includes weekly live training sessions with a question and answers session with the Kibo e-commerce experts. A gist of what you can expect from the sessions is given here:

  • It includes weekly recaps and checkpoints of the recent methods that should be followed to finish the 30-day-challenge and begin making online income.
  • Live discussion with the Kibo experts so that you can clear your queries and get advice for your progress.
  • Real-life money-making product case studies, including the settings and processes that the Kibo experts utilize to make money by selling their business. 
  • Detailed on-screen presentations and Q & A sessions where the experts answer all your questions.

An added advantage is that the sessions will be conducted through the Zoom platform. So, you can listen to them from anywhere around the globe.

3. Kibo HQ

Kibo HQ controls, manages, and helps to scale your business growth. It includes the following:

  • It helps you to locate and list goods and services Google, Microsoft, Walmart, and Facebook Marketplace. 
  • Kibo HQ provides facilities to manage your orders and consumers.
  • It guides you in using the exact techniques utilized by the Kibo experts to make money online.
  • It consists of a control panel that enables you to view your sales and their statistics from one location.
  • Helps you to track your business and all the processes involved to boost your sales performance and profit.
  • Kibo HQ also solves problems relating to inventory management, sending and receiving goods and services, quality analysis, etc. 
  • This system also offers a fully built website that has the potential to provide better sales and income.

4. Kibo Oracle

Kibo Oracle is a potent software that can identify and filter out products that are sure to have high demand and sales in the market.

  • This software locates the premium quality products that will offer profit as well.
  • In addition, this software will also show the suppliers who will supply the products and do all the succeeding works after you sell a product.
  • After choosing the products, all you need to do is add them to the Kibo HQ. Kibo HQ will then automatically take them to your website.

5. Kibo Converters

This is an essential software tool that helps to get traffic and convert visitors to the website into buyers of the products. Thus it helps in increasing the conversion rates. The Kibo converter accessible to people is the Kibo Bot.

  • This tool helps you to interact with the customers through chats. It provides the opportunity to clear the customer queries also.
  • As stated before, the biggest advantage of the tool is that it boosts the conversion rate.
  • This converter is designed specifically to be used with Facebook so that you can increase the traffic to your website.
  • The bot has built-in responses and answers for common queries that may arise. You can also include answers to questions that might come up. 

6. Kibo Socializer

This software tool aims to increase your profit and sales in the following manner.

  • As you navigate the web using the keywords of your product, this software tool will initiate a thorough scanning of all the important social media websites and locate the content posts that have great traffic and are delivering big sales for various businesses.
  • You can use the ideas in such content and create your posts to generate traffic. 
  • This tool will also aid you to gain an understanding of the products in high demand.

7. Kibo Accelerators

As the name suggests, Kibo Accelerators helps in accelerating your business by providing simple tips and hacks for scaling and increasing traffic. The following are the scaling secrets that are sure to help in boosting your business:

  • It offers simple step-by-step action plans to help you accelerate your e-commerce business.
  • This tool also provides you with ideas on how to benefit from major search engines to optimize your product websites for getting them ranked. 
  • It also offers tips on how to gain traffic through platforms like Facebook. 
  • With the help of Google and Microsoft’s shopping platforms, the Kibo experts will disclose their traffic system.
  • It will show you the ways to produce potential customers who are interested in purchasing your products. 
  • Then for the sales to multiply, the Kibo Accelerators will help you to establish a strong sales funnel.

8. Kibo MentorPoint

Aidan Booth, Steve Clayton, and their entire team is focused on providing constant support and training to their students. 

  • You will get all the assistance through an email system that is open every day and can be used at any time. 
  • It also includes a Kibo Community that is a private member area where you can interact with fellow Kibo members regarding the latest techniques and strategies used.


It’s been years since Aidan Booth and Steve Clayton are providing assistance and support to people for running a successful business. With their new product, Kibo Eclipse, the Kibo crew aims the same. All the fundamental modules in the extensive training program are designed specifically for contributing to a successful online business community.

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