What Is The Reasons Your Ecommerce Site Needs a Blog Booster Shot?

Reasons Your Ecommerce Site Needs a Blog Booster

Ecommerce is constantly growing and more and more visitors are getting drawn to it and there is a constant challenge to innovate, develop and grow these sites. A lot of marketing research has gone into examining the pros and cons of e commerce and how they can not only replicate the real-life experience of visiting a physical brick and mortar shop or shopping mall but improve upon the experience.

Does Ecommerce Site Needs a Blog Booster?

Market research shows that visitors and prospective customers have a lot of queries about products displayed on a site. It has also been found that the FAQ (frequently asked questions) is not enough and customer queries go much deeper.

This need led to the evolution of blogs. Today the blogs are an integral part of ecommerce sites and are activated by keywords on the home page of the site. These blogs are well researched and provide information much more than what customers ask and such sites with informative business have been found to be doing 4 times more business than conventional sites without blogs.

Reasons Your Ecommerce Site Needs a Blog Booster Shot

A traditional approach was the visitor or customer having to extract keywords and google up the answers to queries. This often led to long delays and customers had to surf multiple sites to get the desired information. The blog approach is readily available just by clicking on a highlighted keyword is very convenient and the customer is sure to get the desired details with just a click. 

Blogging associated with an ecommerce site is frequently visited by site visitors and they generate leads and these leads invariably end up in sales. Innovation in this field has now zeroed down to identifying the keywords that direct customers and visitors to blogs. Most often, these keywords are the latest new buzz words or tech words that visitors are curious

about. Encouraging results of the performance of these blogs show that 84% of customers bought products after reading detailed blogs about them on the ecommerce sites. 46% of site visitors and customers admitted to reading the blogs just for product research.

This is proving to be even better than the real physical shop experience where customers could not have possibly got so much information. In the past, there were just product brochures and user manuals that contained customer material only and most often did not satisfy customer queries to their satisfaction. 

Such targeted and professionally written blogs with rich technical content have gone on to build customer trust in both the e-commerce site as well as the product. Ecommerce site owners now concentrate on getting such high-quality blogs that not only help sell but get targeted customers to recommend them and also come back for more.

A well-written blog finds its way into search engines and its life cycle keeps increasing as it earns its own rankings. At the end of the day, the parent e commerce site and the product get the benefit of such popular blogs. 

Market research has also shown that 25% of customers that bought any product did so only after reading quality blog content without even going to an ecommerce site. This is a great example of a well-written blog doing quality marketing work on its own. 

Blogging in its new avatar is the key ingredient in an industry that is completely online. More and more blogs in an E commerce sites will provide that much-needed information that is the key requirement in ecommerce. If customers cannot go and see a product physically, they can compensate for it in more than many ways by learning everything about it and feeling comfortable enough to buy it.    

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