Role Of Simplicity In eCommerce Website Development

Role Of Simplicity In eCommerce Website Development

Have you ever heard of the phrase ‘’beauty in simplicity’’? If yes, then you might be interested to know that this phrase plays a very important role in website development too.

How Simplicity Works In eCommerce Website Development?

In this growing age of digitization, consumers are looking not only for service but also from the ease of usage and the design of the online store. As a result, designing a website has become an extremely crucial aspect of developing one, and the demand for good designers is on the rise. So, why exactly does simplicity prove to be such a valuable concept in website development? 

eCommerce Website Development
  1. Visual aestheticism – 

Visual aestheticism plays a very important role in improving your website. More and more consumers are reporting that they choose websites that follow a seamless design and go easy on the eyes. No one likes to wade through a barrage of information and click on numerous pop-ups just to find one product that they are looking for. Being presented with a clear and easy-to-use interface makes it lucrative even for the customers who might not be so tech-savvy. As a result, simplicity plays the role of beckoning to potential customers and ensuring that they find your service useful.

  1. High conversion rates – 

Various studies have conclusively proved that websites with an effortless and simple design tend to have high conversion rates. This comes as no surprise as well, since no one likes to buy from websites that fill their pages with unnecessary designs or information. The simpler the design is, the easier it is to complete your purchase, and as a result, increase the sales as well as the conversion rates for the business. This means that calls-to-action must be strategically located, the color scheme coordinated and minimalist templates must be preferred while developing the website. Also, you can read Kibo Eclipse reviews to increase the conversion rate.

  1. Mobile adaptability – 

Mobile eCommerce is rapidly on the rise, and statistics reveal that almost 70% of online transactions take place through the usage of mobile phones. When you have an extremely complex design, its adaptability to the mobile phone becomes difficult to implement. This means that your business could be losing out on sales due to its incompatibility with mobile phones. Opting for seamless designs and simple interfaces ensures that customers using their phones can make use of your service as well, thereby increasing your sales. 

  1. SEO friendly –

Just like simple designs help customers to figure out the way through your website, bots and algorithms which are aiding the search engine results page can also easily crawl through your website and figure out exactly what it represents. Such an easy identification of the keywords could potentially boost up your rank in the search engine results, thus allowing you to get a good grip on organic search results to increase your sales. 

Simplicity should be your mantra while developing your website if you wish to offer an effortless shopping experience to your customers. Not only does it become easy to use for them, but managing a simple website also becomes easy for you, the owner, thereby being a win-win for everyone. So, ensure that you do optimum research on the design templates available, evaluate their simplicity, and see what fits your brand. 

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