Video Content For Ecommerce Sites – All You Needs To Know!

Video Content For Ecommerce

The type of content you create plays a huge role in determining the improvement in sales and revenue that ensues after. As consumers are flooded with media of all kinds, wading through it becomes a huge hassle for them. This means that it is up to content creators now, to ensure that their media stands out from the rest.

Improved Search Results And Increased Sales

One of the best ways to do this is by creating video content. You see, when people visiting an eCommerce store find a video tutorial or an informative video about a product or service, it allows them to invest more of their trust in it, and consider it a credible source. 

Video Content

Video Content For An Increase In Conversion Rates – 

Studies show that video content now features in 70% of the first few hundred search results in organic searches. In fact, consumers are at least 80% more interested in a product after they have watched a video of it. This means that video content plays an extremely pivotal role in improving the conversion rates of eCommerce sites, and you can also read the Kibo Eclipse Review to know more about numerous online programs.

As more people seem to be interested in watching rather than reading, video content poses an exciting and efficient opportunity to persuade more people to buy your products. In fact, statistical research shows that video content leads to an increase in the need to purchase the product, by almost 144%. 

What Consumers And Sellers Feel About Video Marketing?

Both buyers, as well as sellers, are showing a very positive response towards video marketing. Market research proves that video content currently holds the number one position in terms of content that is used to market products and services. Almost 92% of sellers report that video content forms an important tool in their marketing strategy and that almost half the sellers invest in some form of it.

Studies also show that close to 73% of visitors who watch a video will move forward with the purchase, and about 71% of them prefer watching a video rather than reading about it. In fact, a good half of the market solely relies on video content in order to fuel their purchase decisions, which goes to show just how big of an impact video content has on buying behavior of consumers. 

Where To Use Video Content For Better Sales And Search Results?

Now that we have established just how crucial of a role video content plays in influencing buying behavior, it becomes important to understand how you can capitalize on it to improve your sales and move up in the search results. 

For starters, your product page should have quite a bit of video content, especially since it prompts users to invest their faith in it. Videos showing the dimensions of a product, how to use it, and the various functionalities of it make for extremely persuasive content and can fuel your sales growth by a large margin.

If your store has a blog as well, then the articles can be supplemented by video content that explains any behind-the-scenes details of the products/services you offer, and the value proposition of your brand in general. You can stop all of this off with the addition of Livestream features so that your buyers are presented with unique opportunities to interact with the hosts.

Video content has truly made its mark in the marketing arena, and the sooner new sellers open up to its advantages, the faster their sales are going to grow. Focusing on quality video content, that imbibes a new take on things and provides high-resolution frames is the key to efficiently using video content to your advantage, and to ensure that it acts as a turning point for your eCommerce business. 

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